On 2021 October 1st, Forge, the subsidiary of the French banking group Société Générale, issued a MIP (MIP6 or MakerDAO Improvement Proposal 6) to the MakerDAO protocol to refinance tokenized marketable securities by pledging them. This subtype of PoC (Proof of Concept) represents the first interaction between the traditional financial…

How far is prudential regulation from cryptoassets industry?

MakerDAO published last August 2021 [1] its non-binding report regarding its protocol financial statements for August. While MakerDAO has been performing this exercise on a recurring basis, the purpose of this article is to deepen the understanding of the figures it provides.

As introduction, the MakerDAO protocol is an ecosystem…

On June 16, 2021, the IRON stablecoin lost its peg, dropping to 0.70 USD/token. Its TITAN governance token plummeted from 64 USD to zero value (0.00000105 USD), and the so-called Total Value Locked or TLV, which is the accumulated value in the protocol, went from 2.4 Bn to 29 million…

Pablo Artiñano

Financial Regulation analyst and Crypto enthusiast.

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